Hailey’s Story

I started my career in Dallas and was moving so I needed a new gym to go to. I researched like crazy because I wanted something similar to the amazing gym I had in Denton. I then found Luna through the raving reviews and went to my first class. 

After my first class, I knew I found my gym. The coaches were kind and knowledgeable. The members were welcoming and even with my initial shyness, I made friends immediately. The programming was everything I needed and it’s all only gotten better! Especially with COVID interrupting our fluidity, it’s been wonderful to come into the gym and have almost nothing change (except of course our sanitation and health guidelines).

My first bright spot was the open because you guys made it out to be much more than just the workouts. I loved the bonding and the overall sense of community. It made me become closer with a lot of people in the gym.

One day I was struggling in class performing the shoulder related movements and Coach Lawrence must’ve picked up on my frustrations and came over to help (he wasn’t even leading class that day). He was extremely helpful, knowledgeable, and easy to talk to. After that class, I decided to schedule an Athlete Check-in with him.

During the check-in he shared his injury story and it made me feel better that a coach was not only giving me advice but was able to be vulnerable. I signed up for personal training with him and after a few months of working the problem areas and finding solutions, my shoulder pain eased up immensely. 
Now, I am working on some BIG things. I have a goal in my mind and, without spoiling too much, I hope to be a special somewhere in about 3 years. Lawrence and I just sat down to dive deeper into what we’re going to do over this time and I’m super pumped. We’ll be starting cycles that hit the major components of CrossFit to get my strength and conditioning way up.


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